MND Sufferer Writes lyrics About His Life Experiences

Hello, I am a MND ( Motorneurones Disease) sufferer, I’m completely bed bound, I am only able to move my head slightly and my eyes, And with my eyes I use a special program on my computer that enables me to control most of my needs with my eyes. During the video you will see me moving my eyes a considerable amount, And that’s just because I’m moving and opening things on my computer. I apologize for my speech, But as you can see I’m reliant on my CPAP machine to enable me to breathe 24/7.
During this video I will be doing a rap that for the first time in my life I’ve ever attempted, I only thought of doing this due to how bored I’ve become lately, And a few people who have heard it have


My Life On Paper

(**VERSE** **1**)
Luke.. As I walk my lONLEY path just feeling so ALONE, And i kNOW all i HAVE to do is just pick up my PHONE,
BUT Im so SCARED off hearing That theres knobody HOME, There is NOBODY Home, And i feeling so ALONE,

Tone Nobody been AROUND, Despite them Always Claiming to be AROUND, I can see all there mouths moving, YET i here no SOUND,
Im wondering WHY This lIFE, Got PASSED down to ME,
My life is like a PRISON, Will i ever be fREE ??
Oh WHY couldn’t i have a BODY, Just like his TO, I feel like an lion, But ONE trapped in a ZOO,
These are the just the cards that my misfortune got DELT, So let me scream out lOUD, So these feelings are FELT

(**VERSE** **2**)
It feels like yesterday we all used to all gang up and play,
With the group of My brothers from back in My DAYS,
My life was really Crazy, Hectic in every WAY, We would all sell some Drugs just trying and make some pay,
This is not where i saw my life ending up to be, Lying on this bed I Would give anything to be FREE, Dreading the loud screams from that Evil Banshee,
Could be bad News but i can’t Guarantee,

My head aint working like it used to before, It feels like my brain was squased and trampled All over the floor,
Maybe I got short-term memory loss could but I’m usure, I Don’t Recognise People The way i used to before,

I thought id live out my life in a town L.A, This was the land i thought id grow up and stay,
Smoking some Afgani, Some Kush, and and plenty of the Haze, Please light all of your blunts up, As if we was at a 420 PARADE,
So lets try and remember those good old days, I really do try Hard, But its a COMPLETE utta HAZE
My mind is a prison its a total maze, With a flash a loud bang it was all a daze,

With fire And the smoke the pain vanished after each toke,
I might say L.A but i could be from a small town near to stoke, now listen to the words that i have to say,
Because this could be the words on my very last day, I love you all ever ever so much, Even when im gone i will still stay intouch,
so when you look over your shoulder and i will be there, Theres NOT 1 Single reason to ever be scared,
I will watch over you All until the end of your days, So let me start this CHORUS again… and i will rephrase,
Spit one or two more verses about my darker days

Im wonderin why This life fell down on me,
My life is LIKE a prison will i ever be free ??
Oh WHY couldn’t I have a Body, Just like yours to.? i feel like a lion but one trapped in a zoo
These are just the cards that my misfortune got delt, So let me scream loud so these feelings are felt,
If you feel the same way that I do too, Please Just remember you can break out of your zoo

Im in so much pain, That My pain is feeling my pain and the funny thing is know one is to blame, This is the game that’s been handed down from God,
And he is the ONE who truly understood, But This is the life he has given to me, To try to be free without ever being free,
So this is the life That, I Am going to lead, So let me be the first to start, By planting This Wild seed,

where i can grow a tree for everyone to see,
on the White Cliffs of Dover, Overlooking The sea, I could let that ship sail, To where I wanted to be free,
but I always Seem to end up, Right back at This tree, Where people are still waiting, For me to fly and to Be,
Its Mad thinking about All this Now, That I Could Finally be set Free, Just like a bird i will open my wings and flee,
Back to the heavens where i will reside and be

My Mum and my Dad my life wasn’t so bad, I had a lot more Love than many other Kids had,
Hope you’re the same after this all, And not gone raving mad, And Please Just remember you Are the best mum and dad

So i would like to take this time, That i have got left, To thank each and everyone of you, With My very last breath,
So forget all the sadness, And enjoy a mad sesh.. And don’t think of that time, Where you have to dust off, You’re black Dress,
I don’t want to see any tears, Not One Over my death,
So enjoy the funerall Party, My God you all look your best, And please just try to remember, I will finally be at rest,
Back with the family the ones Whom once left, So You can now close the lid on my Big wooden chest, So please take This All in slow, And let It DIGEST,
I love you GUYS foreve ever GOOD BYE and GODBLESS

Please Check Out My You Tube Channel Operation Eskimo which i attempt to sing thank you for the support mey


Author: Anthony

31 year old been living with MND/ALS for 10 years completely disabled use breathing machine type 1 diabetic also do all this of a special computer which i control using my eyes

5 thoughts on “MND Sufferer Writes lyrics About His Life Experiences”

  1. It’s really good, Ant. I saw it on YouTube and it was great to see you performing it yourself. You’re so open about your feelings and it makes it real. You’ll be with us for a another decade and lots more of these songs xx

    Liked by 1 person

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